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The purpose of society is to help children in their development, and not just to mould them in a certain way. Only those persons who are free and free of fear cannot be manipulated and thus are able to find their own way to truth.

Since children cannot be dictated in their beliefs they present a danger to the establishment. Forcing a child into certain beliefs serves the interest of only those who dictate, whether secular or religious.



The Foundation was established in November 2007. Its activities are entirely charitable with upbringing and education at the forefront. The purpose of the Foundation is achieved through the establishment of kindergartens and schools, and by the provision of bursaries if necessary. The maintenance of the above facilities are guaranteed by the Foundation.

The range of the Foundation is worldwide although at present the primary focus is on the Third World.

All the members of the Foundation are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration or expenses therefore there are no administrative costs for the Foundation.


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