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Adharshila Pre-school

The Adharshila Pre-school was set up in October 2011 with the help of the Bodo Huetten Foundation. It was started as an extended arm of the already existing Adharshila School, which has been providing quality education since 2005 for children from underprivileged families in the economically vulnerable and remote Adivasi villages of the Chambal region.

Its initial intention was to encourage older students to stay on in school as they had a tendency to drop out to look after their younger siblings at home. The Pre-school worked perfectly in engaging the younger ones in various activities, whilst allowing the older siblings to keep an eye on them in between lessons as they were on the same campus. So, while in its early days, it catered for younger siblings, it soon became immensely popular for many others between 2 and 6 years of age. Parents who relied on agriculture previously had to take their children to the fields with them. Now there is a safe, reliable place to leave their children.

The children can play outdoors, make friends, sing and dance, engage in story-telling, learn to read and write and do everything else associated with childhood without carrying the worries of the world on their shoulders. The Adharshila Pre-school is an excellent entry point for children who wouldn't otherwise have been encouraged to attend school in this economically poor region. Where education is not often a priority for either students or parents, the Adharshila Pre-school introduces children to a place they can learn not only to read and write but also to have the freedom to explore for themselves on their terms - to engage in activities that they enjoy best.

Friends of Adharshila from all over the world make sure the kids have facilities that make learning enjoyable. The Pre-school encourages the children to want to return to school every morning and motivates them to continue with their schooling.