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Dil Se Pre-school Jama Masjid

The Dil Se pre-school, Jama Masjid operates out of a woman and children's shelter at Urdu Park. It is aimed to cater to children between   3 and 6 years of age, most of whom are homeless, marginalised and deprived of basic state welfare services.

Most of the people, living around this area work as rag pickers, beggars or labourers, and the children play around with each other during the day, with no motvation to go to school. In their struggle to meet daily survival needs, education remains to be the least of concerns. But more than education, the pre-school works with the intention of providing a safe and enjoyable school hours for these kids whose childhood are otherwise marred with everyday burdens of survival.

Currently there are 35 children attending pre-school, helped by one teacher. Basic education is provided through innovative means to the children. The children engage in various indoor and outdoor games, drawing, paiting, craft, rhymes, story-telling, health and hygiene awareness classes, picnics etc. while at school. Regular parent-teachers meeting are also scheduled to actively motivate parents to send their children to school. These actvities are scheduled according to the convenience of north students and parents, for optimum benefit.

The Dil Se Pre-school at Jama Masjid looks forward to building a small classroom and a small playground reserved only for these younger ones.